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 ..according to some payola advocate sites it is purported that a most neoteric advocate to the  consequentialist phenomenon at MEDJUGORJE has stated..that the POPE is keen on everything related to this sense the hermeneutic of this keen-ness must be taken within a particular context...otherwise one is left wondering from amphiboly ..and so true to form we the readers are insulted by the dangling modifier..such are the artifices of the MEDJUGOJRE pundits...never explaining in what way is the POPE keen to know about MEDJUGORJE..

The Cardinal answered that as a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he has been part of the study conducted on the Medjugorje phenomenon and pointed out that it was significant that Pope Francis had requested the Commission’s completed study before the CDF deliberated on the outcome – because the Pope is keen on everything related to Medjugorje.

The Cardinal also said that although some members of the Commission had viewed with suspicion claims that the Virgin has appeared daily for so long, he answered this question by explaining that the Lord had appeared to St Faustina several times a day and this was approved by the Church who canonised the Polish nun.

 -Crown of Stars Blogspot aug. 28, 2014

... from the Good Cardinal Schonborn we are told through the machinations of selective observation and faulty analogy that since the Church has canonized sister Faustina in regards the Divine Mercy must follow the veracity of MEdjugorje should be taken for granted and all the subsequent catchers (seers) might even be canonised... according to the fallacy of the faulty analogy..we have an operational fallacy of which it is assumed that since  two things are alike in some respects it would follow..a simplicter...that all the conditions  be assumed cogent congruent & favoured...

 ..however concerning the phenomenon of the Divine Mercy sister Faustina was most obedient to her Bishop..and she did hand over any and all writing before publishing or attributing a supernatural character to her communiqué...and this is normal procedure according to Canon 823 & 824 of the Church...

 ..yet in MEDJUGORJE no messages have ever been handed over for proper Church approbation as well in the early stages of the Phenomenon the public was told of a divine parchment on which was written the ten secrets given to the visionary Mirjana..yet she has never disclosed this magic parchment to anyone...also...we are told that the seer known as Vicka has received from the Virgin herself the complete life story of the Virgin Mary...and from a well known MEDJUGORJE tabloid we are told this tract is written in a special glyph or script which ensures no one is able to read it until the VIRGIN gives her permission...also this Biography of the Virgin has never been made available to any Church Authorities...


“Visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic’s notes of the Virgin Mary’s life story are written in a script that protects them from being read before Mary has given permission, new book from renowned author tells. The procedure resembles the one to be used for the revelation of another seer’s secrets.”

-Medjugorje Today Feb. 8, 2013


.. the Faulty Analogy and the use of selective observation are irreducibly evident..and after a minimal amount of reasonable deliberation one is better able to see there are more DIFFERENCES between MEDJUGORJE and the DIVINE MERCY phenomenon..than  are there similarities...

..and so one strains the imagination in awe..that such a high ranking official of the Catholic Church could be so cursory with his discernment...indeed it is as if the Church were condoning the attitude that as long as good comes from officious lies and detractions that all is well..since God will sort it right in the end..yet this is the anti-thesis to the spirit the Church has been founded...the Catholic Church is not a utilitarian consequentialist organization...the Church stands for the ideals of the eternal law..and all the principles for Godly living are contained within her borders...the CHurch is not built upon the liar's paradox...
Saint Jerome concerning the Liar's paradox

"I said in my alarm, 'Every man is a liar!' "(Psalms 116:11) Is David telling the truth or is he lying? If it is true that every man is a liar, and David's statement, "Every man is a liar" is true, then David also is lying; he, too, is a man. But if he, too, is lying, his statement: "Every man is a liar," consequently is not true. Whatever way you turn the proposition, the conclusion is a contradiction. Since David himself is a man, it follows that he also is lying; but if he is lying because every man is a liar, his lying is of a different sort." lie and deceive in order to bring about good is a dialetheism..this is a short we are told in order to be sinless we must sin..indeed the sincere credulous faithful do not knowingly sin..yet they do it through tacit becoming an accessory to the disobedience of the seers...namely through praise, consent, concealment, partaking & through defence of the evil done against the Good Bishop of MEDJUGORJE....

..for since evil has no formal cause.. evil is the result of a good creature not acting according to the good for which it was created..and so falls short of its purpose.. so there is no final cause for evil either which is a purely evil construct..since for evil to exist it must be admixed with a good..for as was said evil has no form..since evil itself is a lack of form...evil is a privation of the good..the only way in which evil can bring about anything good is incidentally...such as when a man runs from a burning house to save his life..or he shows great valour by running into a house which is burning to save others..the evil is not the cause formally ..but only the instrument used to evince the good..and so too with MEDJUGORJE..the phenomenon itself is tainted with inscrutable irreconcilable contradictions yet the faith of sincere individuals has gleaned good from this spiritual burning to speak... let us all direct our thoughts to the good and avoid evil...amen

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...if we say that prayer is the OXYGEN of the SOUL..then the messages from a most recent false and condemned seer whom receives her messages through the occult bale-kraft of automatic writing...these messages are the SMOG or the FETOR which pollute the OXYGEN of our prayer...


..let us read the message below and further on dissect the error...

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 @ 18:00

My dearly beloved daughter the tides have turned and in their wake will come many changes as foretold. Do not be fearful for I have, many times, given you My Word that all will end with My Great Mercy, which will sweep every soul up into the Light of My Love and Compassion. Fear only My Justice but when it is unleashed know that it will be for the good of others and for the salvation of the world that this is permitted. I carry out punishments only to stop hatred from spreading and to awaken within those souls, blackened by the stain of sin, any love, which may still linger within them so that they will come to Me.

Why does man and, especially the devout man, believe that he knows more than Me? Is more intelligent than He who created him? That his rational evaluation of all things from Me can eradicate My Presence? Man’s arrogance and pride in his own prowess will be his downfall. Man has no power only that, which lies within his soul. Faith, when pure, is a powerful thing and it is through faith and faith alone that I, Jesus Christ, bring you hope, love and joy. Only I can empower man with great gifts but unless he asks Me for these I cannot impose them upon his free will.

Ask and you will receive. Remain silent, tight-lipped and I cannot respond to you because you do not come to Me. Always turn to Me and ask Me for every favour, for I will answer your call every time. Do not turn your back on Me and say – all will be okay, life will take care of itself. Life must be earned. Eternity is a Gift from God and it is given to those who ask for it. Sadly, many will squander their chance of Eternal Life because they believe that humanity is more powerful than any God who may or may not exist. And so they will dictate their own fate and they will turn their backs on Eternal Life because of the sin of pride, so stubborn are they.

They denied Me in their lives on earth and they will deny Me when I stand before them, arms outstretched, on the Great Day. They will turn away and walk into the lion’s den from where they will never find a minute’s peace.

Your Jesus the above most contemporary message purportedly from the mind of Christ himself we hear ERRORS too numerous to mash-out..suffice to warn the most precocious error is the HERESY of UNIVERSALISM..


We believe in the full and final triumph of the grace of God over the powers of sin and death: that the mercy and forgiveness of God are victorious; that this victory of redemption is revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; and that, therefore, no human being will be condemned or allowed to suffer pain and separation forever.

...This tenet traduces the WORD of God which is CHRIST himself..and so we have a case of order to have truth absolute we cannot have error..and so this message typologically and categorically subverts the GOSPEL..and of course this is impossible since Jesus who is GOD cannot say anything which may be construed as false..for God is imperfectible and so no error resides in his essence..GOD is perfect truth devoid of any error...

..we see this message tells us God’s mercy will triumph and sweep EVERY soul in a fully distributed sense..meaning ALL souls collectively...and so no one will suffer the fires of HELL which Jesus has most adamantly warned us about in scripture...

He that shall overcome shall possess these things, and I will be his God; and he shall be my son. [8] But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, they shall have their portion in the pool burning with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

Revelation 21:7-8



And the angels who kept not their principality, but forsook their own habitation, he hath reserved under darkness in everlasting chains, unto the judgment of the great day. [7] As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighbouring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication, and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.
Jude 1:6-7 also in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which is the pillar and bulwark of truth we here about the doctrine of hell…

1033 We cannot be united with God unless we freely choose to love him. But we cannot love God if we sin gravely against him, against our neighbor or against ourselves: "He who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him."612 Our Lord warns us that we shall be separated from him if we fail to meet the serious needs of the poor and the little ones who are his brethren.613 To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God's merciful love means remaining separated from him for ever by our own free choice. This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called "hell."

..of course one might argue that hell is also a function of God’s mercy..however this would be incorrect since we must say that beyond the mercy of God to exact a just reward this would put the soul into a state of non-being..and so we must say as a function of God’s justice..there must be a hell for those who choose not to love God..for a creature cannot choose non-being..

..indeed we are able to say in every work of God we see mercy and justice..however we can only say that the work of God’s justice presupposes the work of his mercy in all created things…since without God nothing would be…so we may say that hell is a function of God’s mercy in that it exists for a purpose..and this purpose is to provide a place for the exactment of God’s justice …


On the contrary, It is said (Psalm24:10): "All the ways of the Lord are mercy and truth."
I answer that, Mercy and truth are necessarily found in all God's works, if mercy be taken to mean the removal of any kind of defect. Not every defect, however, can properly be called a misery; but only defect in a rational nature whose lot is to be happy; for misery is opposed to happiness. For this necessity there is a reason, because since a debt paid according to the divine justice is one due either to God, or to some creature, neither the one nor the other can be lacking in any work of God: because God can do nothing that is not in accord with His wisdom and goodness; and it is in this sense, as we have said, that anything is due to God. Likewise, whatever is done by Him in created things, is done according to proper order and proportion wherein consists the idea of justice. Thus justice must exist in all God's works. Now the work of divine justice always presupposes the work of mercy; and is founded thereupon. For nothing is due to creatures, except for something pre-existing in them, or foreknown. Again, if this is due to a creature, it must be due on account of something that precedes. And since we cannot go on to infinity, we must come to something that depends only on the goodness of the divine will--which is the ultimate end. We may say, for instance, that to possess hands is due to man on account of his rational soul; and his rational soul is due to him that he may be man; and his being man is on account of the divine goodness. So in every work of God, viewed at its primary source, there appears mercy. In all that follows, the power of mercy remains, and works indeed with even greater force; as the influence of the first cause is more intense than that of second causes. For this reason does God out of abundance of His goodness bestow upon creatures what is due to them more bountifully than is proportionate to their deserts: since less would suffice for preserving the order of justice than what the divine goodness confers; because between creatures and God's goodness there can be no proportion.

..and so the above message from JESUS leaves the reader bewildered...for in the opening section it tells of how God’s mercy will triumph...yet at the close we are told some will turn away...not to suffer in hell..but to go into the Lion’s Den..since we are told Daniel escapes alive from the Lion’s Den then in the above message...this LION’s DEN that Jesus is talking of could not mean hell..for we know that no-one escapes from hell...and so this message compacts the HERESY of UNIVERSALISM...let us all be wary of false seers and trust in the CHURCH of Christ which Jesus Commissioned...amen


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Dear children, today in a special way I invite you to pray for peace. Open yourself to the Holy Spirit, dear children, so that the Holy Spirit may guide you. Particularly at this time, dear children, pray for my beloved Holy Father; pray for his mission of peace.
I pray with you, interceding with my ​​Son for each of you. Thank you dear children, because even today you have responded to my call.

Message to Ivan Dragicevic, August 17, 2014


….at MEDJUGORJE the VIRGIN MOTHER is thwarting the action of the PARACLETE..for she is espousing the deliberate errors of the reformers…the FIVE SOLAE…were and are the reformers attempt to subvert and usurp the living magisterium…particularly pernicious are the tenets of SOLA SCRIPTURA and SOLI DEO GLORIA…for accordingly  the tenet of Glory to GOD ALONE…removes CHRIST from his primacy and dissolves the notion of a spiritual head who has a temporal counterpart in the POPE and his BISHOPS…when we set ourselves up as ecclesia doccens we  show a strident disdain for CHURCH AUTHORITY…and this is how spiritual apostasy occurs..particularly apostasy inobedientiae..or the falling away from AUTHORITY..which was instituted by Christ when he told his apostles he would send the spirit of truth to guide his living magisterium….if we as a community had heeded the BISHOP at the outset then..we would not have the spiritual contention that we now see...for many who are still new in the spiritual life mistake the old habit of utilitarian temperance over the infused gift of holy fear or cardinal temperance...and so they believe they will be more pleasing to GOD as they perceive his will to be rather than accepting how his will has actually been communicated through his temporal AGENTS.... this message we are told to listen to the spirit ...and ignore the organs of CHURCH ..but this is a contraversion of the GOSPEL...since in the GOSPEL we are told to test the spirits and that he who listens to the APOSTLES and their successors who act within their scope of communion..are those who are true followers of CHrist...for he who hears them hears the spirit of truth....

..if we as the laity feel moved by the spirit yet our interior movement comes into conflict with what our living magisterium tells us…particularly at MEDJUGORJE where our Bishops have directed us successively within the bounds of the office that no visions of a supernatural order have occurred ever…then we need to re-align our thinking and not fall victim to rash presumption..for hope in God’s mercy without ordained holy fear in the agents chosen by the spirit becomes prideful presumption and so brings us into league with the spirit of the REFORMERS…

….in this most current apparent message from the MOTHER OF GOD…we are told to open up to the HOLY SPIRIT…indeed if we truly have opened up to the HOLY SPIRIT at MEDJUGORJE we as a covenant people in communion would take seriously the supplications of two good BISHOPS who have stated that supernatural visitations are NOT occurring at this place…for the BISHOP is the AGENT of the HOLY SPIRIT in this place…and is ordained for this office….

..since we see in the Catechism that BISHOPS have received the charism from the spirit of truth..the PARACLETE..or teach and to govern ….

886 "The individual bishops are the visible source and foundation of unity in their own particular Churches."408 As such, they "exercise their pastoral office over the portion of the People of God assigned to them,"409 assisted by priests and deacons. But, as a member of the episcopal college, each bishop shares in the concern for all the Churches.410 The bishops exercise this care first "by ruling well their own Churches as portions of the universal Church," and so contributing "to the welfare of the whole Mystical Body, which, from another point of view, is a corporate body of Churches."411 They extend it especially to the poor,412 to those persecuted for the faith, as well as to missionaries who are working throughout the world.


888 Bishops, with priests as co-workers, have as their first task "to preach the Gospel of God to all men," in keeping with the Lord's command.415 They are "heralds of faith, who draw new disciples to Christ; they are authentic teachers" of the apostolic faith "endowed with the authority of Christ."

…so one sees from the Catechism of the Catholic Church…that Bishops are the visible source of unity..and those who are in communion with the Church are endowed with the authority of Christ..and as such they receive the charism of teaching and governance…and are instruments of the spirit of truth… we see particulary in MEDJUGORJE the Bishop has not espoused sin and is acting within his Authority..and is not under discipline from the Vatican and so he provides a source of reasonable discernment on the matters at hand…and by the duty afforded the fourth precept of the Decalogue we are to honour our parents of whom the Bishop becomes one by spiritual extension….

2197 The fourth commandment opens the second table of the Decalogue. It shows us the order of charity. God has willed that, after him, we should honor our parents to whom we owe life and who have handed on to us the knowledge of God. We are obliged to honor and respect all those whom God, for our good, has vested with his authority. since God has vested the local Ordinary at MEDJUGORJE with the authority to teach and govern we must not ignore his directives…for to do so would mean one is dangerously broaching the perimeters of spiritual incredulity and schism…

..before one decides to make a pilgrimage to MEDJUGORJE they would do well to consult the website BISKUPIJE see the current guidelines concerning pastoral directives…


..or better yet one should seriously consider a pilgrimage to a fully approved Marian shrine such as FATIMA …LOURDES or GUADALUPE…..amen

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…among the most cunning  & defiant… obstinate to reproof and incorrigibly obtuse enemies of the Church we have the most recent messages from MARIA DIVINE MERCY…


Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 @ 13:00

My dear children, be mindful of those who persecute you in the Name of my Son, Jesus Christ, as they will be careful to hide behind a veneer of holiness. The evil one will never present as he really is, because he is far too cunning. He will, instead, through the souls he influences, approach you with a façade of love and many will fall for this deceit. The words he uses may seem soothing and enticing, but they will leave an uneasy feeling in your soul.

When Messages are given to the world by the command of my Eternal Father, they will never make demands of you. They will never give a man power over you to encourage you to pledge allegiance to any living person. All glory must be to God. No man can promise you salvation, as this can only come from God. You may prepare your souls as you have been taught by my Son, Jesus Christ, and receive the Sacraments. You may accept the Gifts of Graces given to you, through me, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, but you do not need permission from anyone in order to be made worthy to serve my Son, in this or any other mission, sanctioned in Heaven.

Be wary of the enemies of my Son, as they are everywhere, doing all in their power to blind
humanity from the Truth of my Son’s Promise to come again. He will return soon and then the Truth will be made known and all that He promised will come to light. Until the great Day of the Lord you must only focus on my Son and place all your trust in Him. My Son has sent no one to distract you from these Messages, the last of their kind, and any one who claims otherwise does not come from Him.

Trust, trust, trust in the Mercy of my Son. Listen to what He has taught you – all is contained in the Holy Bible. His Word is simple. It is not complicated. Just follow His Teachings, which span over 2,000 years and then you will find peace.

Your Beloved Mother



….we see in a most latest message that according to Mary the Virgin has been sent to distract the duped hoi-polloi who sincerely on good grace believe such messages to be genuine utterances of the Mother of God and Jesus… the diamond of truth of which Holy Mother Church evinces in all facets by default makes it a holy obligation that all who attend the mass derived from the latin missa taken in the sense of the echaristic celebration as a well as intimated in the closing versicle -ite missa est..for we may read in the summa theologica...that along with the faithful Christ has also been sent as victim to us to fortify the body spiritual so we may go in peace and serve the upholding his commands of love...
And from this the mass derives its name [missa; because the priest sends [mittit] his prayers up to God through the angel, as the people do through the priest. or else because Christ is the victim sent [missa] to us: accordingly the deacon on festival days "dismisses" the people at the end of the mass, by saying: "Ite, missa est," that is, the victim has been sent [missa est] to God through the angel, so that it may be accepted by God.
aquinas summa theologic part 3 question83 article 4 a soul may see all the devout are sent to eschew evil and uphold the tenets of the faith…to live the a true spirit of  practical well the Apostles themselves were sent by order of Christ’s Great Commission to preach and to teach and to baptize…in this manner the successors to the Apostles or the living magisterium is sent to root out error and ensure the indefectibiliy of the  Church and her dogmas…and so by these facts...the whole CHurch has been sent to wage spiritual battle against the above message... is from those sent by God …the Church militant… that we are told MARIA DIVINE MERCY IS FALSE AND CONDEMNED…. also must understand that since Maria Divine Mercy through her prevaricated messages has set herself up as an enemy to those who have been sent..and in short she has set the house of spirit (Church) which Christ has set up against Christ himself…

..when the above message tells us that “no man can promise you salvation”..or…”you must prepare your souls as you have been taught by my Son, Jesus Christ , and receive the Sacraments”…such a message thwarts the concept of the Pope who is the sovereign pontiff..and anyone who denies such a tenet has set themselves up as a heretic materially and in some cases formally…we are here given a contradictory message..for since the ones who have been sent by Christ have already condemned this diaspora ..or better said those who have been dispersed from the true way and who now follow error cannot teach themselves this is known as relativism…our living magisterium..these ones are those who will teach through spiritual extension as Christ taught…again this ruins the notion of the Paraclete who was said to be sent to impart the truth upon the successors (the living magisterium)… by ignoring the decrees of the teaching magisterium this diaspora of the false cultus of Maria Divine Mercy cannot share in the graces of the sacraments since they have spiritually cut themselves off from the channels of grace…the living magisterium..this in effect has placed obstacles to grace..for we know sacraments have a power ex opere operato (Through the work done) however in order to be efficacious the Sacraments require the proper form and rubric…if a properly ordained minister does not confect or ordain the Sacrament then such a Sacrament becomes null..also those who are improperly disposed to receive such a sacrament the case of the clan of Maria Divine Mercy would be schismatized and so from such a excommunication would be precluding the action of sanctifying grace..and so it follows would only be making a spiritual visit to the sacrament..and impute judgement upon themselves by order of their rebellion...since by following a condemned seer they would be outside the Body of believers..either by their own grievous fault or by external coercion…

..true we have the concept of invincible ignorance..however in the matter of one’s salvation such a soul is bound by the natural law to seek out their purpose..and this is nothing more than to rest in God…nescience is never ignorance and so when we plead ignorant we call guilt upon ourselves..for it shows we did not take proper care to seek the truth as it was within the grasp of our faculties and means… it stands the previous message allegedly from the MOTHER OF iindubitably FALSE…since it creates havock between what those who have been sent by God to protect us under the guidance of the Paraclete proclaim… and what the Mother of God is conveying through this spurious message… short from the message of August 6th 2014 we are told the Mother of God is condoning a betrayal of the Church..and she is contravening Christ’s commission…by ignoring the articles of the creed where we are told the Church is One Holy & Apostolic…

..let us be on our guard against false seers…amen

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MEDJUGORJE UPDATE| RACHEL weeps... God in his Providence & goodly Grandeur has provided us with tools with which to seek him out...since charity is a bond of love where the beloved and the lover share an embrace of the affection and the intellect..for we cannot love a thing unless we know it...and God let's us know him through two important tools ... FAITH (FIDE)  and REASON (RATIO)..hence we have the infusion of Faith which is a supernatural gift which lifts us up from the dark recesses of sin where we are bent and blinded by our concupiscent nature...& we have REASON which is a verdant mind corrected & steered by the revelation as contained in the deposit of faith... sees from the commentary below that Faith without Reason breeds all sorts of unseemly habits that are not beneficial to the unity of HOLY MOTHER taken mystically we might understand that the relationship between RACHEL & JACOB  is to be likened to a betrothal between Faith and REASON...Jacob mystically represents GOD and Rachel mystically represents it follows that at MEDJUGORJE..REASON is in want of her children for they are orphaned over to the tyrants of pride. disobedience and spiritual gluttony....hope in God's mercy without trust in his ordinances is rash presumption and unjust as well as unbecoming to the virtue of charity..let the reader continue...

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet, saying: [18] A voice in Rama was heard, lamentation and great mourning; Rachel bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.

Matthew 2:17-18


Thus saith the Lord: A voice was heard on high of lamentation, of mourning, and weeping, of Rachel weeping for her children, and refusing to be comforted for them, because they are not.

[16] Thus saith the Lord: Let thy voice cease from weeping, and thy eyes from tears: for there is a reward for thy work, saith the Lord: and they shall return out of the land of the enemy. [17] And here is hope for thy last end, saith the Lord: and the children shall return to their own borders

Jeremiah 31:15-17


“Of reason springeth right counsel and ghostly wits; and of affection springeth holy desires and ordained[26] feelings. And right as Rachel and Leah were both wives unto Jacob, right so man's soul through light of knowing in the reason, and sweetness of love in the affection, is spoused unto God. By Jacob is understanden God, by Rachel is understanden reason, by Leah is understanden affection. Each of these wives, Rachel and Leah, took to them a maiden; Rachel took Bilhah, and Leah took Zilpah. Bilhah was a great jangler, and Zilpah was ever drunken and thirsty. By Bilhah is understanden imagination, the which is servant unto reason, as Bilhah was to Rachel; by Zilpah is understanden sensuality, the which is servant unto affection, as Zilpah was to Leah. And so much are these maidens needful to their ladies, that without them all this world might serve them of nought.

For why, without imagination reason may not know, and without sensuality affection may not feel. And yet imagination cryeth so inconveniently[27] in the ears of our heart that, for ought that reason her lady may do, yet she may not still her. And therefore it is that oft times when we should pray, so many divers fantasies of idle and evil thoughts cry in our hearts, that on no wise we may by our own mights drive them away. And thus it is well proved that Bilhah is a foul jangler. And also the sensuality is evermore so thirsty, that all that affection her lady may feel,[28] may not yet slake her thirst. The drink that she desireth is the lust of fleshly, kindly, and worldly delights,[29] of the which the more that she drinketh the more she thirsteth; for why, for to fill the appetite of the sensuality, all this world may not suffice; and therefore it is that oft times when we pray or think on God and ghostly things, we would fain feel sweetness of love in our affection,[30] and yet we may not, for are we so busy to feed the concupiscence of our sensuality; for evermore it is greedily asking, and we have a fleshly compassion thereof.

 And thus it is well proved that Zilpah is evermore drunken and thirsty. And right as Leah conceived of Jacob and brought forth seven children, and Rachel conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children, and Bilhah conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children, and Zilpah conceived of Jacob and brought forth two children; right so the affection conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth seven virtues; and also the sensuality conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues; and also the reason conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues; and also the imagination conceiveth through the grace of God, and bringeth forth two virtues, or two beholdings. And the names of their children and of their virtues shall be known by this figure that followeth:

Husband: Jacob temporally, God spiritually. Wives to Jacob: Leah, that is to say, Affection; Rachel, that is to say, Reason. Maid to Leah is Zilpah, that is to understand, Sensuality; and Bilhah maiden to Rachel, that is to understand, Imagination.
The sons of Jacob and Leah are these seven that followeth: Reuben signifieth dread of pain; Simeon, sorrow of sins; Levi, hope of forgiveness; Judah, love of righteousness; Issachar, joy in inward sweetness; Zebulun, hatred of sin; Dinah, ordained shame.
The sons of Jacob and Zilpah, servant of Leah, are these: Gad, abstinence; Asher, patience.
The sons of Jacob and of Rachel are these: Joseph, discretion; Benjamin, contemplation.
The sons of Jacob and Bilhah, servant to Rachel, are these: Dan, sight of pain to come; and Naphtali, sight of joy to come.
In this figure it is shewed apertly of Jacob and of his wives, and their maidens, and all their children. Here it is to shew on what manner they were gotten, and in what order:--

First, it is to say of the children of Leah; for why, it is read that she first conceived. The children of Leah are nought else to understand but ordained affections or feelings in a man's soul; for why, if they were unordained, then were they not the sons of Jacob. Also the seven children of Leah are seven virtues, for virtue is nought else but an ordained and a measured feeling in a man's soul. For then is man's feeling in soul ordained when it is of that thing that it should be; then it is measured when it is so much as it should be. These feelings in a man's soul may be now ordained and measured, and now unordained and unmeasured; but when they are ordained and measured, then are they accounted among the sons of Jacob.” the mystical sense one takes JACOB to mean God spiritually..or a symbol to illustrate an abstract concept...for most certainly Jacob in real is not GOD..yet he is a spiritual God is our First cause...

.since Rachel is a wife to Jacob she signifies the faculty of REASON...and so since Leah the wife to Jacob brought forth seven children we understand Leah in a spiritual sense to mean the soul’s AFFECTIONS...and the children to mean the HOLY VIRTUES.. without REASON and AFFECTION the soul does not function...since PRUDENCE mortifies the REASON and OBEDIENCE mortifies the WILL we see such  VIRTUES are greatly lacking at MEDJUGORJE...and so mystically we are able to understand that the children of Rachel being Joseph and Benjamin..are taken to mean Joseph who is in the spiritual sense  DISCRETION and Benjamin in the spiritual sense take to mean CONTEMPLATION...for then we are able to deduce that this bible passage is rightly understood as meaning since the REASON is in want of her children namely DISCRETION and CONTEMPLATION..we cannot see properly ordered we have the sin of SIRITUAL GLUTTONY.. & so at MEDJUGORJE we have no COMMUNION..but only a figure of the truth which occurs under a false pretense of vanity..for if we love God we will love his agents... one if they apply this to the phenomenon at MEDJUGORJE we see that we have no Holy Dread of the Doomsman..which is to be meant that we have no Temperance or Holy Fear for the precepts of the just judge(GOD) working through his precepts via MOTHER CHURCH since the Bishop is ignored and the Vatican directives of not allowing anyone to publish messages as coming from the Gospa to be ordained as supernatural...and so this is why Rachel (REASON) is in want of her children..since there is no DISCRETION or ordained CONTEMPLATION of short we have a festival which exhalts inordinate self-love...

..indeed Rachel will cease her mourning since through Christ the children of REASON shall return to their borders which is to be understood as returning to the CHURCH eventually by the grace of the way of the ordained precepts of HOLY MOTHER CHURCH...

..and so we must beware such people who practice religion by AFFECTION void of REASON...and so all their devotions are outward false piety or displays of false humility..and so they attend the SACRAMENTS in a superficial way...and in this way are presumptive of God's mercy...for they have not put off the old person and put on the new..they are merely putting on a sheep's cloak..which is coarsened due to the lower APPETITES...while inwardly they are ravenous wolves...they are slaves to the ravenous desire of gaining good things and eternal rewards..but they refuse to put on the shield of Christ or the inward disposition of KNOWLEDGE and REASON...and so they give outwardly a false example of faith...and we honoring the CHURCH of CHRIST must have-care against such false witnesses or PROPHETS as we are told in scripture...patience and kind correction are needed for the devil is not far-afield ready to stir up contention amongst believers...

..however in the mean time we must sound the alarm and tell our brothers and sisters in Christ that without Temperance we cannot hope in God’s mercy for without holy fear our hope is presumption..and this presumption is a sin against the Holy Ghost...

..let us all walk according to a recollected spirit in charity and justice....amen

Tuesday, 12 August 2014




the fruits of TYRANNY

By: Catholic Online

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Pope Francis, widely appreciated as a practical and realistic man, is calling for an end to the violence in Iraq.

Referring to military action, Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, the Vatican's nuncio to Iraq, told Vatican Radio, "This is something that had to be done, otherwise [the Islamic State] could not be stopped."

Such a call is virtually unprecedented for a papal envoy in modern times, but our age is an extraordinary one and the Islamic State has no interest in a bargaining table. Instead, the Islamic State is bent on genocide and barbarism, ruthlessly exterminating anyone who opposes them.

On Sunday, Pope Francis said he held "dismay and disbelief" over what is happening in Iraq.

"The situation is going from bad to worse," he warned.

Meanwhile, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako of Baghdad said, "There is a need of international support and a professional, well-equipped army. The situation is going from bad to worse."

Pope Francis and Patriarch Sako are not the only clerics calling for swift and decisive action to end the genocide in Iraq. The Episcopal Vicar of Iraq, Canon Andrew White, managed to visit the town of Qaraqosh under cover and personally assess the situation in that community following Islamic State capture.

His words are chilling. "Today, Qaraqosh stands 90 per cent empty, desecrated by the gunmen of the fanatical Islamic State terror group now in control. The majority of the town's 50,000 people have fled, fearing that, like other Christians in this region, they will be massacred.

"The militants, in a further act of sacrilege, have established their administrative posts in the abandoned churches."

Canon White reported that one woman had her finger hacked off after she could not remove her wedding ring fast enough. A caretaker of one of White's parish churches in the community said his youngest son, aged five, was hacked in half as he watched.

A child, just five years old, hacked in half alive, before his father. The boy happened to be named Andrew, after the vicar himself.

The atrocities are real. The genocide is real. That the press barely reports on them is absolutely baffling. However, even the most religious, peace-loving figures are recognizing that this is not a usual evil. Normally, conflicts arise because of ancient grievances and they can be talked over and hashed out. Warring factions tire of burying their sons and eventually dialogue and other pressures forces peace.

However, the Islamic State has recruited fighters from most of the world's nations and more arrive every day. They are motivated by an aggressive, rabid interpretation of Islamic scriptures. Most notably, they are consumed with bloodlust and willing to commit and publicize every atrocity. This attracts sadistic men from across the Islamic world to their cause who commit even more atrocities.

These men don't have to be told what to do. They murder on their own accord, for pleasure.

Where is the rest of the world? Where are the UN resolutions? Where are the condemnations from the world's Islamic countries? Saudi Arabia? Where's the edict or the fatwa? Why isn't the world combining forces against these terrorists?

This is the purest form of evil the planet has seen in generations. They cannot be reasoned with. As all Christians do have a recognized right to self-defense in the face of an existential threat, the time has come for all Catholics to join with Pope Francis and the Christians of Iraq and Syria in 'Prayer and Action' with the intent of ridding the world of the evil of the Islamic State. St. Thomas Aquinas mentions..we must not be passive when confronting tyrants..but we are to use reasonable deliberation and thwart the tyranny of tyrants otherwise we sin by omission..and we tacitly promote such tyranny so that others might suffer the same crimes...for we have a duty out of justice to resist tyranny..and from the concept of double effect we may oppose  tyranny with force of a sufficient magnitude so as to cut off such evil at its root.. this way we do not will the death of the tyrant but we will the end of the tyrants savagery ..yet as a consequence of right action the death of the tyrant might be an outcome...and we proceed effectually according to the experience & advice of those trained in such arenas & we rely on them to adjudge the best course of action to maintain the tranquilty of the common good...  the use of force to overthrow tyranny is a holy obligation.. and the only way in the current situation to maintain freedom of conscience ...amen